Youth Summer Camp 2012

Summer camp offers fun galore


Syeda Amtul
Saudi Gazette

Summer holidays are obviously the best time for relaxing physically and mentally. It’s time for kids to play, have fun and preserve memories that last forever.

All year round children are usually caught up in lots of school work, which gives them very less time for leisure, let alone for extracurricular activities.

In the past, it was very difficult to find a good place for children to spend quality time or learn something substantial. However, various people have strived to come up with lots of interesting organizations that offer to teach many valuable things to children.

One such organization that provides commendable training courses to young children is “Your True Nature.” The founder of the organization Alicia Ali said, “Regardless of where you invest your time volunteering, sincerity is the key.”

Ali added, “Helping this group out wasn’t about securing an activity for my kids; rather it was a community driven spirit where one consciously takes on a selfless role in order to help others.”

“Your True Nature” summer camp helped children learn activities that will keep them on track and make them successful in school and later in life.

The camp included sports games like soccer, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, swimming, fitness, dodge balls, flag football, horse riding lesson, etc.

The camp activities also educated the children on basic etiquette like how to talk on the phone, how to talk to guests, dining, building one’s self respect and self esteem. The attendees were also made aware of the importance of Islam in their lives by shedding light on prayer, purification for women, Mother of Believers and other honorable women. The camp was for children aged 5-18 years old; the activities were held in different buildings for both boys and girls.

Volunteers are an integral part of the camp, The coordinator of volunteer Taqiyyah Yasin, said: “The women who volunteer at our camp are religious, humble and loving people who work for free, MashAllah. They have selflessly devoted their time to make our girls’ lives a little happier and a little more exciting. Alhamdulillah, we were given the necessary tools to overcome some of the adversities and obstacles that women face here in this country, which we knew from the beginning would be in our way.”

Taqiyyah added, “However, the volunteers have made a commitment to being there before time every day, and have not let transportation issues or lack of funds stop us from making this camp a wonderful, lasting experience for all, MashAllah.


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