Soccer and YTN’s Kids Self Esteem Program

RSFC awards its players of the month

Campus corner

Children from all nationalities enthusiastically come to play football together. — SG photos

Syeda Amtul
Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH – Rising Stars Foot Ball Club (RSFC) celebrated its monthly power player ranking system recently at a local ground here, where players were awarded a prize and given a rank based on their performance. Last month, Xaki Naik scored 50 goals in 19 practice matches, friendly and tournament matches and won the first prize followed by Mohammad Rafiqe on the second spot and Sohail Khan on the third. Asad Shah and Shahram Shams safely took the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

RSFC is a unique Jeddah-based football club for boys falling in the age group of 6-18. All the three coaches at the club are foreigners or have been trained abroad. Coaches Arsalan Iftikhar, British national Zak Kellow and Felix M.Aljo, a Filipino, are more than just teachers of the game to the students. They act like mentors, boosting their confidence, motivating and encouraging them on each step to give their best performance in every game.

“Every single kids counts and is a future leader,” said Iftikhar, founder and manager of RSFC.

Iftikhar said he was initially trained in Jeddah by expatriate coaches before he went to Australia for further training. Working with students is his passion and he feels it is important for children to look up to sport personalities even in their community.

“We aim to generate team spirit and good sportsmanship and steer from sole competition as our main objective,” Iftikhar added.

RSFC has recently collaborated with “Your True Nature’s Kids Self Esteem Program” and is working hand in hand with parents, offering complimentary coaching and supporting other less privileged children. In the future, the club would like to expand its activities by engaging its children in more charitable works — raising funds by playing matches.


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