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4 thoughts on “Contact

    • Yes, the art work is the effect of a European revert Muslimah who has tasted the sweetness of Madinatul Munawarrah, her residence.

  1. ASA 8/29/2011, the night before ‘Id ul Fitr.

    It is via an old school mate that I came to know of Barakah Gerngross and her
    beautiful work in Arabic calligraphy via and
    I’ve ordered the Daily Affirmation Guide………..whether coming from Arabia and/or Canada, I’m and looking forward to reading the e-book.
    Maryam E. Abdur-Rahim
    3060 JFK Blvd. 8M
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    ‘Id Karim’

    • Walaikum Assalaam Maryam,
      Eid Greetings of peace and joy.
      Thank you and we will have the Ebook sent to you.

      Thank you,

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