Ecstatic Birth Services



A Doula recognizes that women have the power to birth and assists the mother in accessing her own “Mother Nature” throughout the childbearing year. A Doula provides emotional support, physical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint and assistance in getting the information she needs to make empowered decisions throughout her pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


Our services are customized to the needs of the birthing mom and her support team. Emotional Support is often defined by helping create a birth plan that includes a woman’s unique communication style and gives her confidence in voicing her needs. Physical comfort measures can include: massage, labor positions, hydrotherapy, optimal fetal positioning, aromatherapy, acupressure, deep relaxation and visualization techniques. Advocacy includes helping a woman to resource the community of birth services and facilitating her birth plan into action.

Your True Nature Provides the following services:
Consultations with our Certified Doula
Child Birth Education Classes (private 1-1 or for couples)
Child Birth Education Classes (online course plus email/phone support)

Breast feeding Education and Classes through Certified Trainers

Recommended Article: Doula: An Angel in Disguise (Arab News)


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