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Love Revolution

Art is revelation
A Divine Inspiration
A heavenly calculation
From a heart’s incubation
To a palate’s salutation
An inner imitation
Dipped in the wine of palpation
A canvas manipulation
A mystical hibernation
A Light manifestation
For the world; salvation
Hung for appreciation
Mesmerized in admiration
Glanced upon with flirtation
An intimate personification
This soul to brush fruition
We call Love -Revolution!


Alicia’s innate inclination towards art has bore her private clientele abroad who periodically request for spiritual art imagery.

“Alicia’s art is simple but symbolically very powerful. It speaks to the spirit and her love for colors fill the dark corners of the hidden chamber with rays of hope.” -Ayeh Hashimi-Jeddah, KSA

This is seriously special Alhumdulillah for your skills this will continue to surprise confuse amaze and inspire me for my life! It’s an honour to hang this on my wall…” -Andy Mayer-Mongolia

Alicia Ali’s customized art is available to Art Enthusiasts and Collectors through order only.

  • Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas
  • Poster Prints
  • Mugs
  • Canvas Tote Bags
  • Calendars

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