Alicia Ali: Interdisciplinary Soul Artist


A Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, Brain Optimization Consultant, Self Esteem Coach for Kids and Lifestyle Editor at The Rahnuma Daily.  Alicia comes from a diverse family background and traces her roots to the province of Hijaz, Saudi Arabia. As an authorized guide and initiate of the Path of Love, Alicia’s unique approach to fusing traditional wisdom with new age spirituality has captured the attention of seekers globally.

Some of us are visionaries…Some of us envision great change through a Love Shift..some of us are supporters of visionaries who want the Love Shift.- Alicia Ali

Her carefully selected poetic themes on love, wine, consciousness, separation, union and soulmates to name a few, may raise brows here, yet she is adamant in crossing ideological boundaries through the art of poetic and artistic expression in order to achieve a sense of humanistic equilibrium. Alicia’s artistic expressions bring together spiritual philosophies while her water colour dervishes reflect (the usually veiled) Divine Feminine energy through her depictions. She subliminally sheds light on the need to understand age old wisdom traditions through the lens of the feminine. Alicia challenges, explores and imparts spiritual teachings in collaboration with inspired writings on spiritual themes and axioms of Ishq. She speaks of  Arabia as the Land of Love  which is vividly expressed to the seeing eye through her unique work on all fronts. 

Heart is Art. Art is Heart- Alicia Ali

Alicia Ali’s  art works have been recognized by leading members of the Royal family in Saudi Arabia, art collectors and private institutes. In 2003 she co-founded Arabian Jewel, and works passionately to share her vision with the world by connecting expatriates and visitors to the Kingdom through art, culture and Artisans of Love.

She currently resides in Saudi Arabia with her husband and three children,  With two young authors on andAs a proud mother of a creative daughter who young entrepreneur/author and self love advocate, a 19 year old published author and the youngest leading authority on success and mother to Saudi Arabia’s first international child actor, she states her journey has been nothing less than magical in the Land of Love.  As long as Alicia is stationed in Arabia, her passion to express through pen, brush, lens and of course the cup shall not halt.

Latest Projects in the Works

2018-  A Hijazi Gift of Love

2018- High Above -A collection of 21 Poems and Artworks between two soul friends releasing soon



A preserved fragment of Alicia Ali’s original paternal family tree written on parchment,  tracing her descent back through al-Imam Hasan al Askari, to al-Imam Muhammad al-Taqi – son of al-Imam ‘Ali al-Ridha, the Crown Prince of the Abbasid Empire.  Alicia’s ancestors were originally from Arabia. Imam  Hasan al-Askari was born in the
Holy City of Medina.
Her maternal grandmother is a  Hasanid with descent from the fifth Rightly Guided  Caliph Imam al-Hasan b. ‘Ali b. Abi Talib. Alicia’s  maternal lineage is traced to Imam al-Hasan from the  venerable Shaykh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani through  ‘Abdullah al-Kamil b. Hasan al-Muthanna.